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1.  Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics

Overall traffic is somewhat depressing, except in one aspect: the Crazy Talk forum is stronger than ever.

Revenue still sucks so much ass because the click-through rate on the wiki is below 0.25%. Ad-blocking software and ads with little relevance are going to kill this site. While I’ve been willing to keep hanging on and trying to get past my ever-worsening social anxiety to deal with alternative revenue sources that involve dealing with humans, my suddenly deteriorating health has forced me to put Crazymeds up for sale.

It still doesn’t help that either the Algorithm for desktops is still forcing Crazymeds’ drug pages lower and lower in the rankings, and still sometimes removing them entirely from the search results, while they show up in the top ten in Google’s mobile searches. And in Bing searches. Still more evidence someone at Google is fucking with me, especially since other things have been fucked with. I’ve been on Scientology’s shitlist for over 20 years, and there are plenty of pitiful sociopaths whose lives suck more than mine and have nothing better to do than try to make my life worse than theirs. Good luck with that, fat-assholes. I may be a loner who lives on the fringe of civilization, but at least I have children and other people who actually care about me. Nothing you do can change that. My health sucks syphilitic donkey dong, but I’m not leaving oily rectal seepage on the chair in my cubicle, nor paying hundreds of thousands of dollars to learn that I mock up my reactive mind or how to use my Thetan hand to swat bugs at the distance a flyswatter could easily reach.

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1.1  Traffic Jamming

Google Analytics’ numbers, which directly counts only those people with java enabled browsers - and estimates the numbers for those with java turned off - who visit wiki and forum-related pages. Feel free to sort this table by any column that appeals to you:

MonthVisitsDaily AvgUnique VisitorsDaily AvgPageviewsDaily AvgPages/VisitAvg StayAd ImpressionsPage Imps


If you look at the stats AwStats has been collecting, so you can see the actual number of people who visit this site, including those who do nothing more than grab PI sheets and other documents without looking at a single ad-rich page, and spammers who attempt to register 20 (or more) accounts on the forum, almost all of which are banned before a single validation e-mail is sent out. Since installing the question & answer challenge and other security measures their attempts have been reduced and they rarely manage to open an automatically-banned account.

1.2  Smells Kinda Rank

Here’s Alexa’s take on our traffic and how it compares with other sites:

“Traffic rank” being where we stand among the however many active websites on the freaking Internet. The consensus of best guesses puts that at around half a billion (500,000,000). So if the number on the button is once again below 50,0001, that places us in the top 0.01% of sites as far as traffic is concerned. When I phrase it that way, the ~18K people a day Alexa managed to count at peak traffic in 2013 seemed far more impressive than it was. If you check out the Alexa page for Crazymeds you can see where we rank for US sites - no idea how many of those there are - along with other traffic stats. Alexa is the closest thing to a standard for measuring traffic and other statistical information about websites. As long as you include their code and pay their monthly service fee.2 Their numbers are now lining up with Google’s.

Another indicator of relative popularity is something you normally need to have installed in your browser to see, the Google Page Rank:

The above is, fortunately, the Page Rank for the home page, and not this page. For those of you who give a rat’s ass about such things (i.e. you earn a living off of your website or pretend to know how to help people make money off teh InterGoogles) let Google explain how it works:

PageRank works by counting the number and quality of links to a page to determine a rough estimate of how important the website is. The underlying assumption is that more important websites are likely to receive more links from other websites.

If you want to see the complicated math behind it, see this Wikipedia page. “Quality” is highly subjective, as lots of pages with less traffic and fewer links have higher page ranks than Crazymeds. Why? Because those sites aren’t about being mentally interesting. Or if they are, the sites are by and for those nutjobs who know their place in society, and are linked to by sites usually run by and for “family, friends and caregivers” instead of trashy sites by and for mentally interesting scumbuckets like you and me.

At the top and bottom of each page there are buttons to share or like it via Facebook, Google plus, and every other social media/bookmarking/whatever service there is via AddThis. It would really, really help if you flag every page you’ve found helpful and/or entertaining with a G+ and/or a Facebook share. I realize there is a hell of a lot of stigma attached to having brain cooties, and a share on Google+ and Facebook, unlike those in AA, is fairly public, whereas a like is much less so. Which is why I have both options available. If you don’t have, or don’t wish to use either one of those accounts, perhaps you can use another social bookmarking service. I cover the differences between share and like, and go into more detail about all the different services on the support page. There are some glaring omissions detailed below.

1.3  Missing Links

I now have data about links from enough sources to go into more detail about them.

Trying to get an accurate count of the number of links in is akin to getting the average half-life of Lamictal, everyone has a different number and I don’t like any of them. Why the huge differences? My guesses:

  • For backlinks Google does a “link:” search, which is utterly useless. I know there are far more than 39 freaking links. The same results are returned, give or take a few, for link:crazymeds.com, link:crazymeds.org, as well as for specific URLs.
  • Google’s Webmaster Tools (WT) and Treato, which is a healthcare forum aggregator, have rationalized how they count links. Treato has over 242k links, and they fixed a lot of duplicates, dropped links to topics that are really old, closed, deleted, etc. and, most importantly, hits on meds that showed up in user profiles.
    • No, there aren’t quite that many topics in the forum. There are 171K posts. Taking into account significantly different queries that will land you on the same posts, a link-to-post ratio of 1.5:1 seems reasonable.
    • Removing all the posts that have nothing to do with meds and it’s closer to 2:1. Still fairly reasonable.
    • While getting better about it, Google still ends up counting links from many WordPress and BlogSpot blogrolls multiple times.
  • Bing has its own WT, and it probably counts links in a similar way to Google’s.
    • Except more accurately.
  • I have no idea how SEOmoz and Majestic SEO go about determining links.
    • SEOMoz no longer aggregates all the links. The number entered is the total links to the top 50 pages.
  • My guess is the actual number of valid, hard links to Crazymeds, excluding the Treato links to the forum, is in the neighborhood of 60–70K.
    • Which explains why almost all of the meds still show up in the top ten results for Bing and Google mobile searches, but no longer do in the regular Google searches, right?
    • And why all sorts of pages with lower SEO scores now show up ahead of Crazymeds pages in Google.
    • Has to be the Algorithm. There’s no way someone is manually messing with the search ranking.
    • Just because a mechanism exists to do that when someone breaks the rules (using linkfarms, e.g.) doesn’t mean anyone would ever use for a malicious reason.

2.  The People Like Us

Sites with sites supposedly like Crazymeds:

  • moreofit. moreofit uses tags to determine similarity. This has a lot of advantages and a few disadvantages. You do get a large number of really-to-not-so similar sites interspersed with entries that make it look a lot crappier than it really is. Such as the most similar site being crazymeds.org, numerous entries for Merck (although what little there is of the Merck Manual is certainly similar) and other members of Big Pharma.
    • The thing that annoys the living fuck out of me is they don’t define what they mean by “popularity.”

2: Popularity
The popularity of a website is, well, pretty much self explanatory[sic]. -- moreofit.com “About These Results” help box

  • No, it is not “self-explanatory.” What’s the scale? What’s the source? Absolute or relative? Just because absolute is more likely doesn’t mean that’s how you coded it.
  • Top Alternate. The grammar is a bit clunky and the selection isn’t as good as moreofit, but they have great idea of what “alternate” actually means, which makes it worth looking at. I can’t think of a more dissimilar site than the fear-mongers, but they are certainly an alternative to us on the subject of psychiatric chemotherapy. They are also one of very few sites that, when they indicate such a thing, noticed our content may not be appropriate for little kids! I love it when people pay attention. Plus you get to rate how alike or not a site is.

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3.  Certifiably Crazy

In addition to our Health on the Net accreditation, Crazymeds meets a few other standards. It’s far easier to get high scores on these than not, but looking at these sites will show you we don’t have any computer cooties.

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1 Don't hold your breath.

2 In addition to social popularity I guess buying ads on Google is another way of influencing where we show up in the search results. Even if that isn't supposed to make a difference.

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All drug names are the trademarks of someone else. Look on the appropriate PI sheets or ask Google who the owners are. The way pharmaceutical companies buy each other and swap products like Monopoly™ real estate, the ownership of any trademarks may have changed without my noticing.

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All rights reserved. No warranty is expressed or implied in this information. Consult one or more doctors and/or pharmacists before taking, or changing how you take any neurological and/or psychiatric medication. Your mileage may vary. What happened to us won’t necessarily happen to you. If you still have questions about a medication or condition that were not answered on any of the pages you read, please ask them on Crazy Talk: the Crazymeds Forum.
The information on Crazymeds pertains to and is intended for adults. While some information about children and adolescents is occasionally presented (e.g. US FDA approvals), pediatric-specific data such as dosages, side effects, off-label applications, etc. are rarely included in the articles on drugs or discussed on the forum. If you are looking for information regarding meds for children you’ll have to go somewhere else. Plus we are big pottymouths and talk about S-E-X a lot.
Know your sources!
Nobody on this site is a doctor, a therapist, or a pharmacist. We don’t portray them either here or on TV. Only doctors can diagnose and treat an illness. While it’s not as bad as it used to be, some doctors still get pissed off by patients who know too much about medications, so tread lightly when and where appropriate. Diagnosing yourself from a website is like defending yourself in court, you suddenly have a fool for a doctor. Don’t be a cyberchondriac, thinking you have every disease you see a website about, or that you’ll get every side effect from every medication1. Self-prescribing is as dangerous as buying meds from fraudulent online pharmacies that promise you medications without prescriptions.
All information on this site has been obtained from the medications’ product information / summary of product characteristic (PI/SPC) sheets and/or medication guides - which is all you get from sites like WebMD, RxList, NAMBLA NAMI, etc., the sources that are referenced throughout the site, our personal experience and the experiences family, friends, and what people have reported on various reputable sites all over teh intergoogles. As such the information presented here is not intended as a substitute for real medical advice from your real doctor, just a compliment to it. You should never, ever, replace what a real doctor tells you with something from a website on the Internet. The farthest you should ever take it is getting a second opinion from another real doctor. Educate yourself - always read the PI/SPC sheet or medication guide/patient information leaflet (PIL) that comes with your medications and never ever throw them away. OK, you can throw away duplicate copies, but keep at least one, as that’s your proof of purchase of having taken a med in case a doctor doubts your medical history. Plus they take up less space than a bottle, although keeping one inside of a pill bottle is even better.
Crazymeds is not responsible for the content of sites we provide links to. We like them, or they’re paid advertisements, or they’re something else we think you should read to help you make an informed decision about a particular med. Sometimes they’re more than one of those things. But what’s on those sites is their business, not ours.
Very little information about visitors to this site is collected or saved. From time to time I look at search terms used and which pages they bring up in an effort to make the information I present more relevant. And the country of origin, just because I’m geeky like that. That’s about it. Depending on how you feel about Schrodinger, our privacy policy should either assuage or exacerbate your paranoia.
Crazymeds is optimized for ridiculously large screens and browsers that don’t block ads. I use Firefox and Chrome, running under Windows 72. On a computer that sits on top of my desk. With a 23 inch monitor. Hey, at least you can make the text larger or smaller by clicking on the + or - buttons in the upper right hand corner. If you have Java enabled. Like 99% of the websites on the planet, Crazymeds is hosted on domain running an open source operating system with a variety of open source applications, including the software used to display what you’ve been reading. As such Crazymeds is not responsible for whatever weird shit your browser does or does not do when you read this site3.
No neurologists, psychiatrists, therapists or pharmacists were harmed in the production of this website. Use only as directed. Void where prohibited. Contains nuts. Certain restrictions may apply. All data are subject to availability. Not available on all mobile devices, in the 12 Galaxies Guiltied to a Zegnatronic Rocket Society, or in all dimensions of reality. Hail Xenu!

‘Everything is true, nothing is permitted.’ - Jerod Poore

1 While there are plenty of books to help you with hypochondria, for some reason there’s not much in the way of websites. Then again, staying off of the Internet is a large part of curing/managing the disorder.

2 Remember kids, Microsloth operating systems are like TOS Star Trek movies with in that every other one sucks way, way more. With TOS Star Trek movies you don’t want to bother watching the odd-numbered ones. With Microsloth OS you don’t want to buy and install the even-numbered ones. Anyone who remembers ME and Vista knows what I mean.

3 Have I mentioned how open source operating systems for commercial applications is one of the dumbest ideas in the history of dumb ideas?* I don’t even need my big-ass rant any more. Heartbleed has made my case for me. And that’s just the one that got all the media attention. The very nature of an open source operating system makes security as much of an illusion of anonymity. Before you flip out too much: the domain Crazymeds is hosted on uses a version of SSL that is not affected by the Heartbleed bug. That’s one of the many reasons why I pay a lot of money and keep this site on Lunarpages.

* Yes, I know I’m using open source browsers. I also test the site using the now-defunct IE and Safari browsers. Their popularity - and superiority - killed IE and Safari, so that’s why I rely on the open source browsers. It’s like brand vs. generic meds. Sometimes the generic is better than the brand.

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